Representations and Warranties Insurance provides coverage for unknown breaches of the seller representations and warranties that are discovered post-signing and/or post-closing. Both buyer-side and seller-side products are available.


Benefits of Buyer-Side Representations and Warranties Insurance Benefits of Seller-Side Representations and Warranties Insurance
  • Distinguishes a buyer’s bid in an auction process
  • Provides more protection over a longer period than a traditional indemnity
  • Protects management relationships by avoiding litigation and internal noise in the event of a claim
  • Allows for efficient claims resolution, as buyers are dealing with skilled, claim-paying insurance carriers
  • Bridges a negotiation impasse
  • Limits credit risk for buyer to collect on claims
  • Offers indemnity where none would otherwise exist (e.g., public to private deal)
  • Allows for less monies left dormant in escrow
  • Provides for a clean exit, allowing greater distribution to partners at closing
  • Bridges a negotiation impasse
  • Backstops a negotiated indemnity
  • Protects minority investors